The Reason Why I Make Pictures

When I think of what photography means to me, I think of the quote by John Szarkowski speaking about the Artistry of Ansel Adams.

“The reason that he is as important to us as I think he is, is because he is a good artist. On his best days he was a terrific artist.  And he found some way to put together those fragments of the world in a way that transformed them into a picture.  In the same way that a poet uses the same Dictionary as the rest of us do.  All of the words are in there; all the words in the poem are there and are in alphabetical order.  So you can find them, and it’s just a matter of taking a few of them and putting them in the right order. And that’s all there is to it. And so why is it that some lines of poetry grasp us, grip us. We think…

‘that’s right, that’s true, I don’t know quite what that means but whatever it means that’s true.’ 

 And a good picture does something like that.”

This is why I make the images that I make. and why I return to the same spots again and again. I am just searching for the right combination.

What do you think?

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