Shooting “The Eye” (#PlayAndLearn)

I love to watch movies. I have found that film and paintings can be a really good inspiration to stretch your “Photographic Muscle!” I am of course talking about your “EYE” that all important creative tool that can’t be learned.  I can answer every question on how I do things and still can’t give you…Read more Shooting “The Eye” (#PlayAndLearn)

Using Masks to Rescue Highlights

I have been a product photographer for a over 10 years and been working as a photographer for almost two decades now.  I have found in this time that there are very many tools in this industry that are misused and not explained very well.  The biggest repeat offender is Layer Masks.  Many tutorials explain everything…Read more Using Masks to Rescue Highlights

Another Benefit of having “A SPOT”

Now that you have developed a few “Spots” in your local area, you can experience the benefits.  You have cut down on the “uncontrollable variables” and now you can start with an experiment.  The first experiment I wanted to do was “Moonlight Portraits” but going out live with a client is not a good idea.  You need…Read more Another Benefit of having “A SPOT”