RIGHT SHOT Photography Talk #2

#RIGHTSHOToftheWEEK LINK TO AMAZON FOR THE .43X Adapter with Bonus MACRO ring: https://www.amazon.com/18-55mm-Nikkor-Premium-Microfiber-Cleaning/dp/B008B07IBU This is the Blade Runner inspired image that I shot with the MACRO adapter: Information about the MOVIE pick of the week: Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2281267/

The Importance of finding “A SPOT”

I have found that in the development of my photography technique, as well as technical proficiency in general.  One constant always remain true no matter what. I need to cut down on the “uncontrollable variables.” The first main solution I have found is deciding on a “SPOT” or “SPOTS” that way you can see the…Read more The Importance of finding “A SPOT”